The Nursery and Greenhouse

The nursery at Providence Farm, Duncan

Our nursery

In Full Bloom

In Full Bloom

In the summer of 2004, a timber framing workshop kicked off the construction of our new nursery. With financial support from the Vancouver Foundation, the new 5000 square foot greenhouses were also completed at that time.

Come and enjoy this wonderful space, and browse for plants or just soak in the surroundings. These facilities are used for growing annuals, perennials, and herbs –grown for public sales.

The nursery provides a great place to suit individual needs, including training, education and therapeutic opportunities to grow. The nursery activities support individuals with learning disabilities, mental health issues, sensory or physical disabilities or who are in rehabilitation. Participants work with horticultural therapists and volunteers progressing at their own pace to achieve goals. The training programs are appropriate for all abilities, and focus on improving confidence, social interaction, horticultural skills and physical ability.

The Nursery is now open Monday & Tuesday 10am until 3pm and Wednesday to Sunday 10am until 5pm.


The Nursery Phone Number: 250-597-1745  Email:


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