Textiles Program

betty and albertaThe textiles program at Providence farm focuses on a variety of textile based skills utilizing weaving equipment, sewing machines, felting equipment, rug hooking, knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarn, wool, and material…. and so much more.  The program focuses on fitting people’s interests and abilities to projects thus helping them gain confidence in their own creativity whilst producing useful and beautiful gifts to give away or to keep for themselves. Some of the many items you will find them creating in the Loom Room (as it is known around the farm) are; blankets, tea towels, utility rugs, placemats, aprons, quilt pieces, slippers, wristlets, tea cozies, bum coasters, scarves, kites, puppets, pet mats…and so much more.

The textiles program takes advantage of community support utilizing the generous donations of both material goods and people’s time.  Regular ‘Spin-ins’ are held at the farm where spinners and knitters get together to enhance sheep’s wool into products that are sold at the store.

This year the textiles team experimented with growing Japanese Indigo plants on the farm, for use in dyeing.  The plants produce a natural dye in gorgeous blue tones.  The textiles program, like the farm, is growing organically and we stand in amazement of what is being accomplished by the team of people involved.