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Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest


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Providence Village Housing Society

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The Providence Village Housing Society was incorporated under the BC Society Act on June 29, 2009, for the purpose of planning, developing and operating a supportive and sustainable community, with affordable and market rental housing for people to live independently.  The proposed site of the development is a 35-acre parcel of land leased from the Vancouver Island Providence Community Association.


The Providence Village Housing Society’s mission is to build a supportive and sustainable community, which will emphasize social cohesiveness, cooperation, mutual respect and the honouring of diversity. Residents will have a sense of belonging and security, will participate in the community and feel that their contributions are valued. The values of the village development and its residents will be consistent with the mission of Providence Farm.

Development Plans

Providence Farm has a history of creating opportunities for people to learn and grow together in community. It is intended that the village development will continue this vision of creating new beginnings for a wide range of individuals and families.

It is planned that this new community will live lightly on the land; the existing trails and forested beauty will continue to be available for all to enjoy; roadways will be minimized; walking and access trails for individuals with disabilities will be a priority.  Residents will be encouraged to take part in the care and management of the beautiful setting and, when appropriate, take part in activities and events central to Providence Farm.  A commercial space, community hall, hospice and, of course, housing are all being considered in the planning.

For more information regarding the Providence Village Housing Society and its plans to develop affordable and market rental housing, or to become a member and support its mission, please contact:

Reta Flanagan, Recording Secretary, Providence Village Housing Society –

Jack Hutton, Vice Chair, Providence Village Housing Society –

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