35th Anniversary Art Project

Celebrating Providence: A community wide collection of art depicting the iconic Providence House in celebration of our 35th year of programing.

In celebration of Providence Farm’s 35th anniversary as a non profit association Providence Farm will be holding an art exhibit launching September 26 with the theme of interpretations of Providence House.  Members of the community are invited to create pieces of art in any media. These will be showcased at the farm in conjunction with art created by farm participants.  There is no entry fee to submit art work, see the Call to Artists & Entry Form for more information.  Call to Artists & Entry Form

James Barber Fundraiser

The 3rd Annual James Barber Fundraiser was hosted on Sunday, September 15th, 2013.  Thank you to everyone who attended and participated and made the event such a success!


Fresh Produce From the Farm

Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest


We are just in the process of getting ready for another great season, keep checking back here for updates and produce lists.

Tom in GH

The Village at Providence Farm

Providence Village Housing Society was created to plan and develop a supportive and sustainable community, with affordable and market rental housing for people who can live independently on a 35 acre parcel of land on Providence Farm. Providence Village Housing Society was incorporated under the Society Act on June 29, 2009.

Village Mission

The Village’s purpose is to build a supportive and sustainable community, which will emphasize social cohesiveness, cooperation, mutual respect and the honouring of diversity. Residents will have a sense of belonging and security, will participate in the community and feel that their contributions are valued. The values of the Village and its residents will reflect the mission statement of Providence Farm.

Providence Village – A Place to Call Home

Providence Farm has a history of creating opportunities for people to learn and grow together in community. It is intended that Providence Village will continue this vision of creating new beginnings for a wide range of individuals and families.

It is planned that this new community will live lightly on the land; the existing trails and forested beauty will continue to be available for all to enjoy. Roadways will be minimized; walking and handicapped access trails will be a priority.

Village residents will be encouraged to take part in the care and management of this beautiful setting and when appropriate, take part in activities and events central to Providence Farm.

This is a joint opportunity for Providence Farm and Providence Village to collectively improve the physical resources of the Farm as a whole and to increase economic opportunities with the larger community through improved outlets for the Farm’s products, such as Nursery produce, crafts and other items. It is anticipated that the creation of a new Farm store and a space to include a bakery and coffee shop, will provide additional training and employment opportunities for people.

The development of Providence Village will provide an opportunity for the wider community to be involved in Providence Farm. The spirit and faith that has guided and inspired the Farm for the past 30 years will be our beacon of hope and inspiration for this new challenge.

Vancouver Island Providence Community Association, (Providence Farm) and the Providence Village Housing Society, (Providence Village) are very grateful to the Sisters of St. Ann for their generous gift of an estimated 400 acres of land, known as Providence Farm. The Sisters of St. Ann have a long history in the Cowichan Valley. Click here to read about the history of the Farm and the first “living on-site community”.

SAGC Plant Sale

Plant stall by the St Ann's Garden Club

Great deals!

Saturday April 26th, 2014
9:00am – 2:00pm

This fundraiser for St. Ann’s Garden Club takes place outside in St. Ann’s Garden. You’ll find Farm raised and donated plants for sale as well as garden products made by the seniors. Our annual Farm Garage Sale happens in conjunction with the plant sale so you never know what treasures you may go home with.

One of the master gardeners, ready to dispense advice

Master Gardeners


Contact Maria for more information.

More info on St. Ann’s Garden Club…

Plant Sale Ad 2014