Kitchen Program

Program participants getting together to make tasty goods in the kitchen

The kitchen program is a vibrant area of the Farm led by the talented Harold. Nutritional and cooking skills are learnt daily during the preparation and service of the Farm lunch.  Staff, participants and the general public come together to enjoy a hot meal Monday-Friday at 12:30. Community members wishing to join us are welcome by calling the main office at 250-74604204 to hold a spot. We ask for a suggested donation of $5 per person.

The kitchen program also works closely with other areas of the farm to create a sustainable operation.  Fresh produce and eggs from the farm are used and served in the daily Farm lunches when in season.  In addition vegetable peelings from the kitchen are contributed to the farms compost pile and table scraps turn into a tasty snack for the farm’s pigs.

Working in the kitchens at ProvidenceWant to get involved? Consider volunteering or donating to the Kitchen Program

Segues Program

Two participants in the Segues ProgramThe Segues program provides opportunities for 10 men with different abilities and gifts. They willingly work around the farm as well as enjoy the various activities and opportunities that the farm provides.

Monday mornings will find them starting their week with a rousing sing-along with members of the Greenways program. On Wednesday afternoons the men enjoy time in the Arts-at-the-Farm studio where they produce some very creative work.

Another Segues participantAt other times the Segues crews can be found on duty around the farm working on animal husbandry, market gardening, landscaping & maintaining flower beds, repairs to allotment gardens and fencing, and seasonal farm chores.

The Segues Crew: A talented group who are always taking on new challenges.


Small Engine Repair & Maintenance Shop

The people at the Providence Small Engine Repair & Maintenance Shop work on the bulk of the small equipment on the farm and on equipment from customers in the community.

The shop provides a safe, positive environment for participants to learn how to repair small equipment. We encourage active involvement in all areas. People gain confidence through this activity as they gain new skills, ownership and the flush of success when equipment comes to life again.

The shop is located in the McKinnon Building, next to the Farm Store.

Animal Husbandry

Mother duck and her baby duckling
Momma and baby duck

Collecting the eggs, feeding the sheep, cleaning the coop: these chores help to set the daily rhythm of farm life. We have a small flock sheep, Dolly and Molly, our resident donkeys, 4 alpacas, and we’ve just added some goats to the mix.

We also have 100 laying hens that produce magnificent eggs for sale in our Farm Store. Our happy pigs are raised on garden scraps until they’re ready for slaughter.

Alpacas at Providence Farm
Our alpacas
Pigs and piglets at Providence Farm

Furniture Shoppe

A table being crafted at the Providence Furniture Shoppe
Finely crafted

Hands Helping Hands Help Themselves.

The Providence Farm Furniture Shop complements the Horticultural Training Centre by offering a range of woodworking opportunities for our participants. Here, participants learn the essentials of working with wood and are guided through the planning, building, finishing, marketing and sale of each project.

The projects can be as creative and detailed, or as routine and labour intensive, as each participant wants or needs. All levels of ability are welcome.

Furniture being constructed in our workshops
Care and attention to detail

Products are available through custom orders or through our General Store.

Drop by the store to see some samples or contact us for more information.