Cowichan Valley Alternate School

Craft Barn: used for the Alternate School
Craft Barn

We have completed 22 years of our co-operative working relationship with the Cowichan Valley Alternate School (CVAS) staff and students. For students who experience difficulty coping with other school structures, this program assists, encourages and supports them in taking responsibility for their decisions and actions, developing a positive self-concept and experiencing success.

The program consists of academic and vocational components, each designed to provide students with necessary life and educational skills that enable them to continue with higher or more advanced education and/or training programs. Students’ work component has contributed to the development of many of the facilities at Providence Farm – most notably, the Covered Riding Ring, the Piggery, and the restoration of the old, turn-of-the-century red barn which is now used as the Craft Barn. School District 79